Post World Cup Depression is a medical condition that I invented to summarize the feelings of emptiness, boredom and depression that can be felt by football fans following the end of the world's greatest tournament. PWCD sufferers may have begun to show signs of symptoms as soon as their rooting interest has been eliminated from the tournament. Others may not experience symptoms for days to come, while German fans should be immune to this fictional malady following their success. For those of you suffering, this simple five step program should help bridge the gap between the bliss of the World Cup and the beginning of the European domestic campaigns.

1. Go play football

When I was six years old and the World Cup came to the United States, I could not get enough soccer. Following the USA's elimination and Brazil's ultimate success at the tournament, I found myself wanting more. In the days before Major League Soccer began operating, I decided to join my local club team. This began my 20 year love affair with the beautiful game. There are not many better feelings than running with the ball at your feet and this simple pleasure remains one of the greatest joys in life. So find a group of friends and play five aside or go practice your juggling for a half hour or so. One thousand touches later and you should be feeling a bit better.

2. Support your local club

No matter where you live, odds are you are within driving distance of your local professional soccer club. There are hundreds of professional and semi-professional clubs around North America and if you haven't had a chance to check out your local club, now is the perfect time. Whether your club is riding high at the top of the table or sitting at the bottom of the league, they would love to hear your voice and have your support. Your patronage allows the sport to continue to grow and fosters curiosity among younger generations of football fans. As time goes on the league structure in North :America will strengthen and the quality of play will improve, allowing your initial attention investments to pay dividends.

3. Get wrapped up in the "silly season"

One of the best things about being a football fan is witnessing the ongoing soap opera of the transfer season. The transfer window does not close until the end of August, so there are still six more weeks of drama for players to move from club to club. So far during this silly season we have seen Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas move to Chelsea, Alexis Sanchez move to Arsenal, and Luis Suarez chomp his way through transfer embargo to Barcelona. Several big names are still rumored to be in the market for transfers to big clubs including midfield maestro Toni Kroos, French talent Paul Pogba, and PSG striker Edinson Cavani. There will also be dozens of other signings and transfer request submitted, so get your popcorn ready because these will be an exciting six weeks.

4. Begin or continue your Football Manager career

There is perhaps no better way to familiarize yourself with the beautiful game than to play Football Manager. In this computer game you can select your squad from virtually any club in the world and choose almost any player in the world to join your team. It offers a great introduction to the tactics and strategy of the beautiful game, while giving gamers one of the most immersing experiences in all of gaming. *Warning* Do not do this if you value your free time, close relations, or have an addictive personality. Hours will seem to disappear, but if you're looking to fill the void until the beginning of the Premier League season, this is a great way to spend a month.

5. Take a deep breath and wait it out because the Barclays Premier League returns on August 16.