The 2014 World Cup has been the best World Cup of my lifetime, but until yesterday it had yet to see a transcendent performance. When the Germans struck with brutal record-setting efficiency, they set numerous World Cup records, including the record for most goals scored in a semifinal. Miroslav Klose set the career record for goals scored at the World Cup. Tony Kroos scored the fastest brace in the history of the World Cup. Germany became the first team to score 5 goals before the 30th minute. The match also ended Brazil's 62 match unbeaten streak that stretched back to a 1975 loss to Peru in the Copa America. It was Brazil's worst ever home defeat. 

The list of records was not only reserved to the pitch, it also was the most talked about event in Twitter's history. In Germany, the match received an incredible 87.8% of the market share. Within hours the match had it's own Wikipedia page to list the records broken and collective reactions of fans and experts alike. Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter overflowed with memes and quips capitalizing on the schadenfreude enjoyed at the expense of Brazil. 

Brazil's fans lamented openly, providing one of the most surreal atmospheres I have ever witnessed at a sporting event. An elderly fan, Clovis Fernandez was pictured clutching a replica World Cup Trophy as he wept, but was later photographed handing it to a young German supporter. Fans wept through face paint, while players were virtually inconsolable following the final whistle. A nation usually known for their enthusiasm and exuberance fell quiet and demure. It was a moment when the beautiful game displayed how fickle and cruel it could be to those that love it. 

At last this tournament saw a transcendent performance from an elite team. It also saw a very talented Brazil squad self-destruct in front of the world. A nation that had been filled with so much hope, even during the early stages of the match, fell silent as the goal total rose to seven. Even Oscar's consolation marker barely drew a cheer. At the end of the match, the world witnessed a usually jubilant David Luiz weep as he apologized to his beloved country. The match will remain in the record books because of the incredible performances, but it will be the sorrow of Brazil that the world remembers.