Trying something new with Full Time Football, here are the must read stories in football for today:

Grant Wahl tells the tale of Abel Rodriguez a Mexican-American who had volunteered as Real Madrid's support worker during their yearly training sessions in Los Angeles. After several years of volunteering, Rodriguez traveled to Madrid in order to view El Clasico. Arriving with no ticket, hotel accommodations, or club contacts he waited outside Valdebebas in the freezing cold before being recognized by Jose Mourinho. The Special One repay's Abel's dedication by helping his dream come true.

From the depths of a long forgotten Manchester United forum post comes the tale of the great friendship between Patrice Evra and Ji-Sung Park. Translated for the masses onto Reddit's /r/Soccer, comes the story of a friendship that began as adversaries and developed into a family. A great story demonstrating the unifying force of football.

Adidas launched a new ad campaign last week for Chelsea which covered Chelsea players in blue paint and made for some spectacular photos. Check them out here or watch the video below.