Football is a democratizing game; it is played in every country by millions of people.  These people may not have freedom of speech, expression, or the right to vote, but they still play the game that they love.  Many people around the world are also not afforded the first world luxuries that we take for granted such as electricity and clean water.  sOccket is a new project that will try to bring some of those first world luxuries to young footballers around the world.

The concept of sOccket involves a football that can harness the kinetic energy from normal play and store it to power small electrical appliances like an LED light, water sterilization system, or a fan.  To do this, the ball captures the kinetic energy as the ball rolls by using a permanent magnet DC generator.  Current versions of the ball can yield 3 hours of power for and LED light for only 30 minutes of play.  sOccket can also help curb the use of fuel sources such as kerosene or gasoline generators, which both can be harmful to the environment and the user.  In resource poor areas of the globe this “undeflateable” soccer ball can bring the beautiful game, clean water, and electricity to children around the globe.

This project has been brought to the world through an organization named Uncharted Play.  Uncharted Play was founded by two Harvard undergraduate students Jessica O. Matthews and Julia C. Silverman.  They came up with the idea for sOccket while working on a group project, and it has since become the foundation and flagship movement for their zero-profit organization. 

So far the project has attracted the attention of Spanish national team members David Villa, Sergio Ramos, and Pepe Reina as well as their manager Vicente del Bosque.  They have joined Spanish recording artist Huecco in their endorsement of the project, and hopefully over time you will too.  Currently, special edition sOccket balls are being auctioned off on their website: where you can go to find more information on their invention and their vision.

It isn’t often that I can say this, but this project is entirely in line with my world view and will have my lasting support.  Empowering children while bringing them clean energy and the beautiful game, what’s not to love.